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The Burmese Cat

The Burmese (Thai: subh-bha-lak meaning fortunate, beautiful, and splendid appearance) is a breed of domesticated cats split into two subgroups: the American Burmese and the British Burmese (and are not to be confused with "Sacred Cat of Burma," the Birman).

Burmese cats lived for centuries in Burma, Thailand and Malaya. In late 1800s they were known in England as  Chocolate Siamese, but because they were not favoured they gradually died out in England and Europe. The ancestry of Burmese cats can be traced back to one cat named  Wong Mau, who was a brown female from Burma and arrived to San Francisco in the early 1930's to Dr. Joseph Thompson.

Through selective breeding to Siamese,  the  Burmese was established as a distinct breed. Lighter coloured kittens were occasionally produced and eventually the American breeders requested cognition from CFA for these "dilute" colours; first, as another breed named Malayan, then later as a dilute division of Burmese.