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About me

My name is Tracey Whitmore. I am a small breeder based in Bedford.

The cats

I have had Burmese cats since 2003, initially as pets, but then decided I would like to breed. I obtained my first breeding Burmese from Jenny Kennard in August 2010.  Her full title is Clarkesfield Silver Lining, but to us she is Saffy.

Saffy gave birth to her first litter in August 2011 (she has had three litters in total).  We decided to keep one of the kittens from Saffy’s first litter. She is Chloe and she had her first litter in 2012. We have since acquired Pickles (Picky), and to date she has had three litters.

All my kittens will be bought up in the house with the day to day life and bustle of a normal household.  All my adult cats have access to the garden, which is completely enclosed with the Secur-A-Cat system.  We don’t allow any of the kittens access to the garden.

All the kittens will be registered with the GCCF, they will be fully vaccinated, wormed and litter trained.  They will have 4 weeks insurance with petplan, and they will not leave for their new homes before they are 13 weeks old.

I am registered with the GCCF and my prefix, if you haven't already guessed, is CrystalBrook. I am also a member of the Burmese Cat Association.  If you have any questions then I am more than happy to help if I can, and if I can’t I am sure I can put you in contact with someone who can.

Pickles (Picky)


Picky and Chloe

Playtime with Reuben!!